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Membership & Services

Membership and Services

About Us - Membership & Services

Professional Learning Community

The AGTV promotes personal professional relationships between teachers across all sectors of education – primary and secondary, country and metropolitan, government and independent and Catholic systems, schools and universities. Together we collaborate to promote learning and life opportunities for students through the study of German.

Technology is providing new ways for members to collaborate online.

The AGTV provides a range of services for teachers and students of German. We make distinctions between members and non-member on most occasions.

We often work in cooperation with partners, including the Melbourne office of Goethe-Institut Australia (See Partners and Affiliations).

We are grateful to successive Victorian governments for grants from the Department of Education and Training (DET) to support our work.

The AGTV is a registered exchange organisation with the VRQA to coordinate the AGTV-BJR Student Exchange.


Online Membership and Event Management

NEW: The AGTV uses a secure online membership management software, which enable online payments and streamlines communication with individual members through eNewsletters and notifications. (since 2013)

The system enables online registration (and payment) for events and services organised by the AGTV.  Individual members can update their own details.

Other services such as blogs and forums are also options.

How to Become an Individual Member

Existing School Members - Membership Renewal

Current school members will be invoiced for the membership subscription at the start of the year.

Applications for School Membership

For schools wishing to become a member, please contact the Secretary of the AGTV for a link to an online application form and an invoice will be created for payment:

  • secretary[a]agtv.vic.edu.au

NB: All costs do not include GST. The AGTV is not registered for the GST and is not required to issue tax invoices.

Completing an application of the AGTV indicates the applicant agrees with the Purposes and Rules of the Association.


Purposes of the AGTV - to be revised

The purposes for which our association is established are:
   a)  to promote the teaching and learning of German in Victoria;
   b)  to offer support to all teachers and students of German on matters of concern;
   c)  to foster contact by teachers and students with speakers of German in the community and abroad;
   d)  to encourage and facilitate travel abroad by teachers of German and their students;
   e)  to cooperate with similar bodies interstate or overseas;
   f)   to cooperate with other monolingual language Associations in Victoria;
   g)  to cooperate with an umbrella organisation designed to further the cause of German.


Summary of Services and Committee and NW Leaders

Download Year: 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

2014 - 2016 - 2017 - 2018

Summary of Activities Within and/or Across Networks

Download Year: 2009 2010 2011

Networks host Regional Finals of the AGTV Years 4 to 9 Poetry Competition.


Key Professional Learning Services Provided by the AGTV

  • German-specific PD for teachers of German incl. Conferences and Seminars
  • Sharing information about resources, events and opportunities for German
  • Collaboration with partners incl. DET, Goethe-Institut Australien, Kultur und Sprache in Austria
  • Publication of SZENE, a journal for teachers of German
  • Sharing and development of curriculum and promotional materials
  • Electronic networks and websites

Key Services for Students Learning German

  • AGTV-BJR Reciprocal Student Exchange open to all students in Victoria since 1988
  • Funding a SAGSE Scholarship for a Year 11 or 12 student since 1979
  • Financial support of the GI/AGTV Year 10 Award
  • Organisation of or support for events incl. Year 12 Forum, Regional Events.
  • Competitions for students from member schools incl. Poetry Competition, Kunst und Poesie, Werbespot, Song- und Chor des Jahres
  • Promoting opportunities for students of German while at school and beyond
  • Provision of a dedicated section for Students on the AGTV website

Other Responsibilities of the Committee

  • Administration of the association within government guidelines for an incorporated association
  • Overseeing the financial and legal obligations of the AGTV
  • Application for and reporting on grants to support our work
  • Representing teachers' interests in response to issues related to German
  • Representing members at the Hon. Consul General's Runder Tisch, GI German Forum
  • Nominating an AGTV Representative to the MLTAV Committee and others
  • Representing Victoria at the Annual Meeting of the Network of Australian Teachers of German (NATG)
  • Participation at forums to promote cooperation between individuals and groups
  • Liaison with other organisations and groups in Australia and beyond to facilitate opportunities for teachers and students


AGTV Submissions in Support of Languages Education


Website Disclaimer

The AGTV website includes links to other sites that may be useful for the teaching and learning of German. The AGTV cannot take responsibility for the content of the websites and any further links beyond that are recommended, nor the inappropriate use of the content sourced from this or recommended websites.





More about what we do

About Us - Membership & Services


The AGTV promotes personal professional relationships between teachers across all sectors of education – primary and secondary, country and metropolitan, government and independent and Catholic, schools and universities – to promote learning and life opportunities for students through the study of German.

The association has been supporting teachers and students of German since 1979 and relies on the goodwill of people to offer their support through membership and service on the Committee and in Networks.

Team Deutsch

The Committee and Network Leaders provide voluntary leadership to coordinate the delivery of our services including:

  • facilitating professional learning through local AGTV Member Networks across Victoria
  • organising conferences and other professional development opportunities
  • coordinating the annual Bayerischer Jugendring reciprocal student exchange program
  • editing, publication and distribution of SZENE, the national journal for teachers of German
  • sharing information and ideas through local and national electronic media networks
  • funding a scholarship through the Society for Australian-German Student Exchange
  • application for and reporting on grants received from the Victorian government
  • administration of the association and associated insurance and legal obligations
  • developing curriculum and promotional resources
  • organising opportunities for students including competitions, forums, promotional events
  • liaising with other organisations and groups
  • representing teachers of German at various forums in Victoria and beyond

The Committee sometimes works with Goethe-Institut Australia in jointly funding and organising programs for teachers and students. The Committee facilitates professional development opportunities with the Kultur und Sprache section of the Austrian Bundesminesterium für Bildung und Frauen. See 'Partners and  Affiliations'.

The AGTV is a registered Student Exchange Organisation (SEO) through the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA).

The AGTV contracts the services of personnel to assist in the delivery of some of our services.