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Orders and Shop

Orders and Shop

Goethe Boutique - Orders and Shop

We are still reviewing the operation of the Goethe Boutique

The AGTV is a not-for-profit incorporated association led by a volunteer Committee. We do not have an office.

From time to time, the Committee produces materials to support the teaching and learning of German, some of which may be for sale.



Prices are in Australian Dollars and do not include GST.

The AGTV is not registered for the GST and are not required to issue tax invoices.

Receipts will be issued for items purchased in person.

NBBank transfer preferred. An online invoice can be generated for payment by credit card through PayPal.

All cheques made payable to the 'AGTV'.


AGTV Goethe Boutique

The glass cabinet is no longer at the Goethe-Institut in Melbourne. 

AGTV cabinet