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Privacy - Privacy

Website Disclaimer

The AGTV websites include links to other sites which may be useful for the teaching and learning of German. The AGTV cannot take responsibility for the content of the websites and any further links beyond that may be recommended, nor the inappropriate use of the content sourced from the AGTV or other recommended websites.

The AGTV will provide a growing number of opportunities for members to discuss and share ideas and content online.


AGTV Privacy Statement

The AGTV respects and protects the privacy of its members and participants in activities organised by the AGTV Committee and Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) convened by the AGTV.  It is a condition of membership to provide a postal address.


When seeking membership or renewal of membership and/or registration for services from the AGTV, applicants consent to the information collected to be used for the purpose of planning and providing the services stated in this policy.

NB: Contributions to the AGTV Online PLN will display the member’s name and can only be seen by other members.

How the AGTV collects Information

The AGTV requires personal details online to plan and deliver our services, including your name and email address, telephone number, and private and/or employment contact postal address.

How the AGTV uses your Information

The AGTV is committed to the principle that all information provided is dealt with in a uniform manner and the highest regard is taken in maintaining its security at all times. The information provided will be used:

  • to maintain a record of members and those registering for events and other services,
  • to plan, administer, invoice and evaluate AGTV services,
  • to determine eligibility for member rates for services provided by the AGTV,
  • to enable AGTV publications and correspondence to be forwarded, including SZENE and electronic communication related to the business of the AGTV Committee and AGTV Professional Learning Networks,
  • to promote the services of the AGTV and others that may be of interest to members, and
  • to facilitate professional collaboration under our statement and purposes.

Access and Accuracy of Information and Content

Individual members supply personal details and can amend his/her own personal profile online. Only authorised AGTV administrators can access personal information. Personal contact details are not disclosed without the specific permission of the individual. NB: The member’s name will appear with his/her contribution made online.

The AGTV will take reasonable steps to ensure information provided online or shared electronically is accurate and updated at regular intervals during school terms.

The AGTV will provide information to a lawful representative in accordance with the law where and when required.

Storage and Security

Member information is stored on an external secure server of Wild Apricot and on computers of authorised AGTV personnel. Only relevant details are selected and disclosed to Committee members, Network Leaders and contracted personnel for AGTV purposes. The AGTV uses your email to send eNewsletters and notification of renewal of membership. Personal information is not shared with others without the consente of the member.


AGTV Professional Learning Networks

AGTV Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) are provided for members to promote the teaching and learning of German. We want these to be purposeful opportunities for professional collaboration within our association.

The AGTV reviews membership benefits and the structure and type of PLNs in response to changing circumstances.

Active participation enriches any PLN and each AGTV member is encouraged to contribute.  We expect participants to acknowledge the source of ideas and original content they share or receive as a matter of professional responsibility and courtesy to the PLN opportunity provided through our association.

AGTV Professional Learning Networks are collaborative, inclusive and safe places to share ideas and experiences.

The views expressed in PLNs do not necessarily reflect or represent the views of the AGTV Committee.


Online Professional Learning Network Guidelines

All members share the responsibility for maintaining an appropriate, inviting and collaborative online environment. Online PLN communities are intended to be an inclusive and safe space for people to interact with content and each other. 

There are 6 guidelines members should follow when participating in online PLN communities offered by the AGTV.

1. Keep your login details private for your own use. Only individual members are invited to use our online PLNs.

2. Provide lawful content, constructive contributions and positive suggestions.

3. Find ways to share your views that respect other people's views and beliefs. Help keep the PLN open to all viewpoints by maintaining a reasonable tone and use of appropriate language.

4. Keep your contributions relevant to the topic under discussion in forums, blogs and online PD opportunities.

5. Consider the potential impact of your contribution on others. Text on a screen may not convey your tone of voice (humour, sarcasm etc) and you may be misunderstood.  Acknowledge any unintended impact when discovered and be mindful of the experience in future contributions.

6. Share responsibility for the PLN and notify the AGTV Committee of potential problems or areas of concern.


Moderation of online PLNs

Moderation decisions are informed by the above guidelines and the context in which contributions are made.

Posts will also be removed if they are deemed to be abusive or unlawful; to be inappropriate under our statement of purposes; to misrepresent the AGTV and others. Persistent inappropriate use of content or the PLN, or grievous abuse of our PLN Guidelines may result in the suspension of access to online content and services.



If you have suggestions or complaints about any aspect of participation in any of our Professional Learning Networks, you can write to the AGTV.

Please note, the AGTV does not have an office.


AGTV Privacy Statement and PLN Guidelines updated January 2013

Thanks to The Guardian (UK) for inspiration for our PLN Guidelines.