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About us

Committee & Networks

About Us - Committee & Networks

The Association of German Teachers of Victoria Inc. (AGTV) is an incorporated non-profit association.

Reg. A0024716J         

ABN 69 688 318 657

Postal Address: PO Box 498, Blackburn, 3130

Contact E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The Committee does not have an office.

The AGTV is a nationally registered Student Exchange Organisation with the VRQA and TASC.


Acknowledgement of Country

The AGTV acknowledges the peoples of the Kulin Nation as the traditional custodians of the land on which we teach and learn German in Victoria. We pay our respect to the Elders of the past, present and future. We support the reclamation and revitalisation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Languages and the connection those languages provides to understanding the ancient and rich cultures of the First Peoples of Australia.

For information about Aboriginal Languages and Cultures in Victoria.

Information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Victoria and Australia


Commitment to Child Safety

The AGTV Inc. is committed to child safety and has zero tolerance of child abuse.

Über uns

Der Association of German Teachers of Victoria Inc. (AGTV) ist seit 1979 ein gemeinnütziger Verein mit der Zielsetzung, das Lehren und Lernen der deutschen Sprache in allen Jahrganstufen zu fördern. Der AGTV bietet sowohl Fortbildungen als auch Veranstaltungen für Lehrer_innen und Schüler_innen an. Auf der Webseite stehen Materialen für den Unterricht und zur Förderung der deutsche Sprache zur Verfügung. Der AGTV ist auch der Herausgeber der nationalen Zeitschrift "SZENE", und mit dem Bayerischen Jugendring organisiert einen 10-wöchigen Austausch für SchülerInnen in der 10. und 11. Jahrgansgsstufe. Der AGTV ist seit 1979 ein Sponsor von einem Stipendium durch den Verein Scholarships for Australian-German Student Exchange Inc. (SAGSE).

Über uns on Deutsche Welle (2017)

  •  Bericht - associations in the IDV - Internationale Deutschlehrerinnen und Deutschlehrerverband 2017

About us

The AGTV is a professional subject association founded in 1979 and has been incorporated since 1982.

The AGTV is led by an elected Committee at the Annual General Meeting. Office bearers are elected by the Committee. Network Leaders assist in the organising of services including the Regional Poetry Finals for AGTV member schools in AGTV Networks. Representatives from Goethe-Institut Australia also attend Committee meetings.

The Committee is responsible for and oversees all operations of the AGTV. This includes services provided in the name of the AGTV within AGTV Networks throughout Victoria.

The Committee and Network Leaders volunteer their time and expertise to support the teaching and learning of German.

We communicate with our membership on a day-to-day basis through digital technologies, mostly by email and notices published on websites.

Collaboration is facilitated through face to face meetings,professional learning opportunities, and the planning of services for students.

It is AGTV policy is to make clear distinctions between members and non-members who avail themselves of the services we provide.

The Committee regularly review the delivery of  the services based on changing circumstances and priorities.


Key Areas of Support

We provide opportunities for teachers to develop collaborative professional networks to share ideas and resources to improve the learning outcomes for Victorian students.

We coordinate and deliver German-specific services, including professional development (PD), student events, and the development of resources.

The AGTV has published SZENE, a national journal for teachers of German, since 1980.

The AGTV is a registered Student Exchange Organisation (SEO) with the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) and the Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification (TASC),  The Committee has coordinated the AGTV-BJR (Bayerischer Jugendring) Student Exchange since 1988 with the help of an AGTV-BJR Coordinator. The program is a 10-week reciprocal exchange for students in Victoria and Tasmania and the German state of Bavaria.

We convene activities across and within Networks e.g. an Annual AGTV Years 4 to 9 Poetry Competition since 1993.

We collaborate with the Department of Education and Training (DET), Goethe-Institut Australia and Kultur und Sprache in Austria ih providing services to teachers and students of German.

We sponsor awards e.g. a scholarship with the Society for Australian-German Student Exchange since 1979; support for the GI/AGTV Year 10 Awards.

We provided funding for prizes for the Goethe-Institut School Film Festival from the first competition in 2002 until 2017. In 2019, the AGTV sponsored a Special Prize for the GI School Film Competition.

We fund and maintain websites and produce curriculum and promotional materials.

The AGTV is an associate member of the Internationale Deutschlehrerinnen und Deutschlehrerverband (IDV).

See all sections in 'About Us' to learn more about the AGTV.


National Network

The AGTV is a founding member of the Network of Australian Teachers of German (NATG), a national network founded in 2002.

The NATG is endorsed by Goethe-Institut Australia, who fund an annual meeting of representatives from all states and territories in Australia. 

The website AusDaF was originally funded by the Goethe-Institut and is now supported by associations and networks in the NATG.


Administrative Support

The AGTV contracts the services of personnel to provide administrative support in delivering services to be Editor of SZENE and the AGTV-BJR Coordinator.

From 2013, the AGTV introduced a secure online membership management system to streamline administration and reduce the workload for our volunteer Committee.


Appreciation and Thanks

The AGTV appreciates the hours of volunteer support from its Committee and Network Leaders, both past and present, without which many of the opportunities for students and teachers of German would not be possible.

The Committee and Network Leaders appreciate the support for our professional association by our members.

The AGTV is grateful to successive Victorian governments for offering grants to the AGTV to support the teaching and learning of German in Victoria.

We value the work of the Goethe-Institut in promoting the language and culture of Germany and German-speaking communities in Australia.

The AGTV is grateful for the support from Goethe-Institut Australia for the AGTV and the NATG, in particular for:

  • support for selected events and projects incl. SZENE
  • the offer of scholarships to Germany for teachers and students
  • professional development opportunities in Australia
  • access to materials and competitions in Australia and throughout the world,
  • the rich cultural programs on offer to schools and the wider community.

We value the support from the Kultur und Sprache (KuS) section of the Austrian Bundesministerium für Bildung (BMB). We are grateful to KuS for:

  • sponsoring a keynote speaker to conferences since 2000
  • providing teaching materials for teachers
  • offering a scholarship to members of the AGTV to attend a seminar in Austria


We value the cooperative relationships with and support from all our partners and affiliations.

The About Us: History section provides more detailed background the foundation and development of our association.



The AGTV uses websites to communicate with the general public and our members. AGTV websites are monitored and managed by members of the Committee.

The goal of this site is to link to many sites where others update them to promote currency. This will mean minimal maintenance required by our volunteer Committee.

A companion secure membership management website provides online individual membership and payment, online registration, and - for individual members - access to blogs, forums, resources and online PD.

Further information regarding our websites can be found under About Us: History


Technology Tips for the Website

This AGTV website is optimised for Internet Explorer.

Some links may be blocked from school servers. In this case, ask to have partial access for a time or ask students to view the link at home.

Downloads from this site are mostly PDFs, word files, XCEL spreadsheet and some JPG images.


Website Disclaimer

The AGTV website includes links to other sites that may be useful for the teaching and learning of German. The AGTV cannot take responsibility for the content of the websites and any further links beyond that are recommended, nor the inappropriate use of the content sourced from this or recommended websites.


Policies and Guidelines


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