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News and Events


News and Events - Noticeboard

Notices for learners and teachers of German here and under What's on for German.


The Language Teacher Register has been developed by the Department of Education and Training (DET) to assist schools to source qualified languages teachers to fill vacant language teaching positions in government schools. It is is open to graduating, graduate and currently employed language teachers who are seeking a language teaching position in a government primary or secondary school. Eligible language teachers can register using the new online form at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VMGB9WY


Covid-19 Updates

Please visit Teaching: Policies & Curriculum for links to VCAA  and others


IDT2021 in Wien rescheduled to IDT2022


AGTV BJR Exchange

The situation regarding the Coronavirus and the future travel of students is being monitored by the AGTV and BJR.


Model UN Conference in German 2020

This conference is for Year 11 and 12 students of German.

The conference has been moved to TBC.

Registrations have closed.


AGTV Year 12 Forum

Planning is proceeding for this event.

  • Sunday 26 July 2020 - TBC


Goethe-Institut Kalendar 2020

Download a digital copy with worksheets and advice for teachers


Revised VCE Languages: German


Upcoming Community Events

AGWS Büchermarkt


Scroll down for details of competitions and entry forms


AGTV Kunst und Poesie 2020

Theme: Rund um das Meer

Entries accepted anytime up until: NEW DATE - Sat 19 Sep 2020


AGTV Werbespot  2020

Theme: Deutsch schmeckt!

Certificate of participation for all students who make a video.

Max 4 entries per school.

Entries accepted anytime up until: NEW DATE - Sat 19 Sep 2020


Schreibwettbewerb 2020

Theme: TBC


Entries accepted anytime up until: - Sat TBC 2020


Song des Jahres 2020

Entries accepted anytime up until: Sat 17 Oct 2020


Chor des Jahres 2020

Entries accepted anytime up until: Sat 17 Oct 2020




AGTV Werbespot  2019

Students in Years 5 to 12 from AGTV member schools are invited to enter.

A maximum of 4 entries per school or campus mayb be submitted for the state final.

Theme: Grammatik macht Spaß!

Registration of participation

Entries accepted anytime up until: Sat 7 Sep 2019


AGTV Kunst und Poesie 2019

Theme: Selbstporträt

Foundation to Year 6 students from AGTV member schools are invited to enter.

Teachers register the school's participation - see link on Competition Details.

NB: There are 3 elements for each entry: artwork, artist's statement and poem (Elfchen or Akrostichon)

Registration of participation

Entries accepted anytime up until: Sat 7 Sep 2019


NEW IN 2019

Schreibwettbewerb 2019

Theme: Welthundetag

Primary and Secondary students from AGTV member schools are invited to enter.

A certificate of participation will be forwarded to the school for all students preparing an entry.

Schools select and forward a maximum of 5 entries per school for the state final.

Registration of participation

Entries accepted anytime up until: Sat 12 Oct 2019

Contact for any questions: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Song des Jahres 2019

Primary and Secondary students from AGTV member schools are invited to enter.

Individuals or groups (max 6) write and record an original song in German and design a single cover.

Registration of participation

Entries accepted anytime up until Sat 19 Oct 2019


AGTV Chor des Jahres 2019

Choirs from AGTV member schools are invited to enter.

A performance is recorded to forward for judging.

Registration of participation

Entries accepted anytime until Sat 19 Oct 2019


AGTV Competition Details from 2018


AGTV on Deutsche Welle

The AGTV is a member of the Internationale Deutschlehrerinnen und Deutshlehrerverband (IDV).

Deutsche Welle have included an overview of associations on their website.


AGTV Kunst und Poesie 2017

A competition for primary students from AGTV member schools. 

The theme for 2017 is: WALD.

Deadline for entries: Fri 25th August

PLEASE NOTE the changes to the competition., Please see the flyer.


AGTV Werbespot 2017

A competition for secondary students from AGTV member schools. The task this year is to create a promotional video for a new DW section on their website called-

"(Un)bekannte Erfindungen aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum"

Teacher registration of participation required:

Entries due Friday 1st September


AGTV Song des Jahres 2017

Teacher registration of participation required:

Deadline for entries: Friday 8th September


AGTV Chor des Jahres 2017

Teacher registration of participation required:

Deadline for entries: Friday 20th October


Other AGTV Services and Events in 2017

Please visit this Noticeboard page for general notices and information and downloads.

Visit What's on for German for a list of events and links, updated as they become known of available.

Download a list of services and opportunities for 2017 for students and teachers.


AGTV Kunst und Poesie Competition 2016

The artist in focus for 2016 is Paul Klee. This competition is for Primary students from AGTV member schools.

Entries accepted until Friday, 26 August, 2016


AGTV Werbespot Competition 2016

Secondary students from AGTV member schools are invited to make a 10 to 40 second Werbespot.

Entries accepted until Friday 26 August, 2016


AGTV Song des Jahres Competition 2016

The Committee of the AGTV invites students (individuals and groups) from AGTV member schools to submit entries for this competition.

Song need not be too complex. The Beatles had a hit with 'Sie liebt mich'.  Students can use Garage Band App to create music. Some Rap without music.

Entries accepted until Friday, 15 September, 2017


AGTV Chor des Jahres Competition 2017

School choirs from AGTV member schools are invited to enter this competition.

Trophies will be awarded to Primary, Secondary or Combined Primary/Secondary choirs.

  • Information and entry forms to be published shortly

Entries accepted until Friday, 19 October 2017



Results for AGTV Competitions 2015

Winners of the Kunst und Poesie, Chor des Jahres, Werbespot, and Deutsch roX competitions were announced at the Presentation Evening on Friday 13th November. Teachers from Prize-Winning schools were invited to attend.

Competition results are posted on the Students pages of this website.


VCE Results 2015

Congratulations to all students enrolled in German Units 3 and 4 in 2015. A special thanks to the teachers of these students throughout their years of studying German at school.

Some students will have automatically qualified for the VCE Baccalaureate by including German in their VCE pathway. All students will receive the bonus of studying a Language and the scaling for their ATAR scores.


Australian Curriculum for Languages

The curriculum for the Australian Curriculum for Languages for German curriculum has been endorsed. The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority will be uploading a new curriculum for German soon.


IDV - Internationaler Deutschlehrerverband


Video Languages Testimonials




German Government Order of Merit Awarded in Victoria

The President of the Federal Republic of Germany has awarded Catherine Gosling the 'Verdienstkreuz am Bande'. The Deputy Ambassador from Canberra, Mr Joseph Reichhardt, presented the award at a reception in Melbourne on Friday 3rd October, the German Day of Unity.


SBS Radio

There is a new Schedule for SBS Radio from April 2013, which includes a reduction of time for German. JUGENDMAILBOX will remain a part of any future programing for German if submissions are received.



Information about membership and changes to our association in 2014.


AGTV Years 4 to 9 Poetry Competition 2014


Cultural Hotlinks in 2013

Links of interest will be shared with individual members by email from 2013.

Links from 2012 can be found below.




Musicisthelanguage, based in New Zealand, has founded an innovative online radio service called Deutschradio24sieben.

Contributions are produced by the young and young at heart with a connection to the German language. Segments have been submitted from throughout the world. More evidence of the global reach of German.

Listeners choose the segment they want to hear whenever they have access to an Internet connection:  Whoever, Whenever, Wherever. Cool! 

In the News from 2012

Mercer: Quality of Living Ranking

  • Vienna - winner of this survey in 2012

International Highrise Award 2012 in Frankfurt

Radio National: Creative Instinct

3-part series in on 'Who is Germany' produced by Michael Shirrefs, winner of the 2012 German Grant for Journalism.

Dimboola Courier: Dimboola Memorial Secondary College are finalists in a national competition.


University of Melbourne

David Tacon wins a Walkley Award for Journalism. The Walkley Award was for independent journalism. See this amazing story about him in the new University of Melbourne Arts newsletter. David studied German at the university and wrote his Honours thesis in German.



Letter to Peter Garrett AM, MP

The AGTV has written a letter of protest to Federal government for withdrawing funding for Goethe-Institut scholarship programs.

German and the Victorian Plan for Languages

Victorian Government


Cu - Cultural Hotlinks for 2012

December 2012

November 2012

October 2012

September 2012

August 2012

July 2012

June 2012

May 2012

April 2012

March 2012

February 2012

Other former items

Odd Spot

New Materials for German

In the News

Egon Vetter, President of SAGSE, was awarded the Cross of the Order of Merit by the General Consul Dr. Anne-Marie Schleich, on behalf of the Federal President Christian Wulff.

An Australian Council for Educational Research media release promotes a new book by Dr John Munro. The topic calls for teaching oral skills in Primary School. According to the author, more than one in every five children entering primary school lacks the oral language skills necessary for successful school learning, particularly in literacy and numeracy. More information in the Media Release.


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