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Other Organisations

Teaching - Other Organisations

Associations for Teachers of German and Languages

Teachers of German have a world wide network through an international umbrella organisation - the IDV.

The IDV organise international conferences for teachers of German as new language world wide.

D-A-CH Associations

Associations or Networks for Teachers of German in Australia

Victoria has an incorporated associaiton in the AGTV Inc. There are associations in South Australia and Western Australia, networks in Tasmania and Australian Capital Territory, and QLD is a formal branch of the Modern Language Teachers Association (MLTA) of QLD, and teachers in NSW are supported throught  MLTA in NSW. There is no known network in the Northern Territory. The Goethe-Institut support an annual meeting of representatives from each state and territory through the Network of Australian Teachers of German (NATG), as well as supporting a website. Links to the associations and networks can be found on this website.

Associations for Teachers of German in Schools Around the World

We share common goals with these associations in promoting the learners of languages to speakers of  English as a First Language, and in countries where the advocacy to support for the learning of languages needs constant attention.

Tertiary Associations

An association for academics was founded in 2000 in order to promote the teaching and research in German Studies at the tertiary level.


The membership of the National Council of State Supervisors for Languages* (NCSSFL) in the USA envisions a nation in which all individuals will be prepared for the demands of an interdependent world by attaining competence in more than one language and culture. [

It is interesting to note that the term 'Foreign Languages' in the description of the NCSSFL on the website has been replaced with 'Languages'. This reflects the recognition that many languages are spoken and used n the USA.]

The Association for Language Learning (ALL) is the UK's major subject association for the teaching of languages

The Oxford German Network has dedicated to productive cross-cultural cooperation involving schools, cultural organisations, businesses, and policy-makers. They were connected with the successful 'Think German' campaign in the UK.

Deutsch Amerkanischer National Kongress - DANK


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