Individual and School Memberships are for a Calendar Year.

Distinctions are made between members and non-members for AGTV services.

Every membership includes a complimentary subscription to the journal SZENE.

About Individual Membership and Services

There are four categories: Individual, Concession, Retired and Life Membership

Individual members receive access to the full range of member benefits including member rates at professional development programs incl. free Members Lounge meetings; access to member areas of websites; communication from the Committee about events and opportunities for teachers and students, resources incl. SZENE and tips, and job notices.

Individual members of the AGTV include teachers of German –

  • Government schools incl. VSL centres
  • Independent, Catholic and Community schools
  • Adult language centres
  • Training teachers
  • Language assistants

and other members supporting the teaching and learning of German.

Individual members log in with the email and their personal password to the member website to access member benefits such as member rates for PD and online forums, and to update their own profile and contact details.

Join us! – Individual membership

About School Membership and Services

School membership supports the services of the AGTV provided through the volunteer work of the Committee and Network Leaders to support teachers and students of German in Victoria. Direct benefits for students from member schools include:

  • students may enter AGTV competitions incl. Years 4 to 9 Poetry Competition
  • students may apply for the AGTV-BJR student exchange
  • students may attend AGTV in-person or virtual events such as the Year 12 Forums
  • support for public websites with materials and links to support language learning.

Schools apply once and automatic renewals are forwarded for payment.

NB: School membership does not include individual membership.

Applying for School Membership

To check on the membership status or application for school membership, contact the AGTV Secretary: secretary[a]

AGTV Member Management System

The Committee uses a secure member management system Personify (Wild Apricot) –

  • to manage membership applications and renewals
  • to manage SZENE subscriptions
  • for registration for events and other services
  • processing payments by credit card
  • to communicate with members as a group or individually by email

Note: An email is how the system identifies a member. Any email can only be used once on the system for membership.

Automatic notices are generated and forwarded by email incl. invoices for notices re pending and confirmation of registration for events, and for membership applications and renewals.