Why learn German

Learning German unlocks opportunities for personal development and life chances in education and research, science and technology, the arts, commerce, international law and diplomacy, travel, exchanges, scholarships and more.

You can find German-speakers living throughout Australia.

Global opportunities

German is the most widely spoken first language in Europe and is the second most learnt language in Europe after English. It is being learnt by students around the world.

Companies from German-speaking Europe have branches and partnerships in Australia and around the world. Germany alone has the largest economy in Europe.

German is easy

German spelling is much easier than many. It is largely phonetic, so once you learn the sound system, what you see is what you say, and what you hear is what you write.

Learning any new language takes time but you can reach higher levels of proficiency learning German in a shorter time than many other languages. And the higher level of proficiency you reach in learning another language, the easier learning others becomes.

Yes, the grammar is different to English, but there is a beautiful logic to it. Think of it as a puzzle. Notice the patterns, discover the rules, and remember that first language speakers also make mistakes.

Global Competency

Employers around the world are looking for people with global competency. This means individuals who have a diverse and informed world perspective, who embrace individual and cultural diversity, and seek multicultural interactions. Communicating in two or more languages is highly valued.

Learn German for the Future

Visit these AGTV websites to find out about the many benefits and opportunities with German as one of your skills:

FYI: Most People in the World Don’t Speak English

Out of the world’s approximately 7.8 billion inhabitants, 1.35 billion speak English.

There is no reason why first language speakers of English can’t learn to speak another language. It is a matter of will and determination and it will give your brain a workout to ward off dementia. You have done it at least once you can do it again – and again.

Stand out in the crowd. Learn German!