Preparing for an Exchange or Travel to Europe

Students of German have opportunities to travel to German-speaking communities on study tours, sister-school exchanges or other exchanges or scholarships.

It is recommended to do some preparation before travel to equip themselves with useful language and general knowledge about the community they are visiting and avoid some culture shocks in German-speaking communities, and to be able to answer questions about Australia.

Language Links

Spoken German

Cultural Research

Tips on customs, norms and how to be super polite

The Goethe-Institut in New Zealand produced a series of animated videos called Lifeswap whichdeal with different cultural aspects of life in Germany and New Zealand.

The Goethe-Institut in Australia have two animated videos for students.

Deutsche Welle produce a video series called.

Research living and studying in DACHL:

Weather in DACHL

  • D – Germany
  • A – Austria
  • CH – Switzerland
  • L – Liechtenstein