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Support for Learning German

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A rubric based on the European Common Framework Reference for Languages to show students how language learning progresses over time from dependence to independence.

Certificate: Ein guter Start in Deutsch

Early in the year, the AGTV invite members to order Ein guter Start in Deutsch certificates to award to secondary students early on in their learning journey.

Beginners German

The Victorian Government tasked the MLTAV to produce Units of work for Early Years to Year 8

The German Project has materials for beginners and stories including audio.

Materials for children

Materials for the DaF-song der Berliner Band Muckemacher: Hallo, Guten Tag!

Goethe-Institut courses

The Deutsch mit Socke is a clever series for younger learners


Reading Texts

Listening Texts


Spiele vom Goethe-Institut

Gender Diversity

Grammar and Worksheets

Create Your Own Worksheets and Games

  • Tutory – Arbeitsblätter erstellen
  • WizerMe – create interactive worksheets or use others
  • LingoFox – Kreative Arbeitsblätter für den Sprachunterricht
  • LearningApps – Create your own worksheets and games or use others
  • Wordwall – Create your own teaching resources
  • Textivate– Generate interactive activities from texts
  • Quizlet – Create your own learning tools or use others
  • Genially – Create interactive content

More Tech Tools

  • Voccaroo – free easy online recording of audio including download, embed or share
  • Flip – a free video discussion or presentation app free from Microsoft
  • Screencastify – record, edit and share videos including some free recording
  • Padlet – endless collaborative uses, 3 free boards (archive to free up boards)
  • 24 Digital Breakout Tools – Canva

Understanding Good Tech Integration

DET: Global Learning and Engagement