AGTV-BJR Student Exchange

Information correct as of 7 February 2024.

The purpose of the AGTV-BJR Exchange is to provide a broad educational experience for students and increase international and cultural understanding among young people in Victoria (Australia) and Bavaria (Germany).

The AGTV is a registered Student Exchange Organisation (SEO) with the Victorian Registrations and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) which allows the AGTV to coordinate the AGTV-BJR Exchange for students learning German in Victoria.

The AGTV is a not-for-profit incorporated association and facilitates an approx. 10-week reciprocal exchange program with the Bayerischer Jugendring (BJR – Bavarian Youth Council) in Bayern (State of Bavaria) in Germany. The Committee appoints an AGTV Coordinator to administer the BJR exchange.

The AGTV facilitates a 10-week reciprocal exchange program with the Bayerischer Jugendring (BJR – Bavarian Youth Council) in Bayern (State of Bavaria) in Germany. The Committee appoints an AGTV-BJR Coordinator to administer the exchange.

Victorian students from AGTV member schools apply to be matched with students in Bavaria when they are in Year 9 or Year 10 to travel as a group the following year. The AGTV organises Group Leaders to travel with and support the students.

Victorian schools involved in the exchange must have a current AGTV school membership.

NB: Schools and families must agree to abide by the guidelines of the AGTV-BJR exchange.

Schools must not charge school fees for students in this exchange. Bavarians students must be officially enrolled at the school under the relevant visa provision.

Please note that the Bavarian State Government requires exchange students to be vaccinated against measles.

General Timeline 2025-2026 Exchange Group:

  • Call for expressions of interest in February and due by March 31
  • Applications forwarded to students by April 7
  • Applications returned by May 7 with payment of an administration fee and Working With Children Checks for adults 18+ in the household
  • School formally accepts the student/s participation and agrees to abide by the guidelines of the exchange by June 7.
  • Matching process begins with the BJR in Munich
  • Students notified of successful matches in September 2024
  • Families formally accept the match and agree to abide by the rules of the exchange
  • Refund for unsuccessful matches less a processing fee
  • AGTV organises group travel for the Victorian students and requires a flight deposit and a copy of a valid passport by December 2024
  • Pre-arrival of Bavarian students meeting for families in October 2024
  • Bavarian students arrive in February 2025 for approx. 10-weeks
  • Pre-departure meeting for Victorian students in October 2025
  • Students leave for Germany in late November 2025 for approx. 10 weeks

Costs to Victorian Families:

  • The family treats the Bavarian student as a member of the family and pays for costs as they would for their own children, and this is reciprocated in Germany.
  • Victorian families pay for a return airfare, insurance, passport, contribution towards group leader travel, pocket-money and an AGTV administration fee; and an optional study tour to Berlin organised by the BJR plus pocket money.

As required by the terms of being a registered SEO with the VRQA, the AGTV has the right to cancel the exchange at any time for the group or an individual student, or organise for the early return of students to their home country at any time.

Expressions of Interest due by March 31st

The AGTV is committed to child safety and has zero tolerance of child abuse.